Flipboard has hit many amazing milestones over the last six months. But what does that mean for you? Here are two ways we’re helping brands come alive: Flipboard is a platform. Flipboard is the only platform for discovering premium content across a wide variety of topics—over 30,000 and counting—spanning much more than just the news: from fashion to food, tech to travel, we help the world find topics that matter from sources they trust.

  • The power to publish is in your hands.  You can collect, create and curate content; then publish and share it with a highly relevant audience: people who share your passions.
  • Flipboard is everywhere—on practically every operating system and device—and so is our audience. To meet their needs, we brought our singular design sensibility and range of rich content to the web: welcome to flipboard.com
  • We reach a global audience of 50 million monthly active readers—53% female, 47% male.
Flipboard is a solution. We provide strategic solutions for all of your brand and content marketing needs. Here’s how:
  • Start a conversation with our audience using our proprietary native advertising solution, promoted items.
  • Buy 100% viewable ads for smartphone and tablet.  We make purchasing simple – you can buy us on a CPM or CPC basis. We accept IOs too!
  • Interactive advertising ability—video and link enabled brand creative to bring your brand to life.
  • Use 3rd party tracking pixels.
  • Run research studies on Flipboard with every major research vendor.
  • Targeted advertising: focus on geography, context and interests.
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