#FlipboardChat Summary: How Retailers Can Use Flipboard Magazines

Jenn de la Vega / October 28, 2015


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Last time, participants chatted about “How Retailers Can Use Flipboard Magazines. Here’s what they said:

What are your favorite retailers to shop from?

Do you have a shopping catalog or personal wishlist on Flipboard and, if so, how do you use it?

  • I have a hybrid catalog on Flipboard about the Middle Ages. I like to find medieval-like stuff for sale. I use it for fun.
  • Yes, I have one for makeup. It’s stuff that I would buy if I had unlimited resources and space. The crazy pricey stuff.
  • I have one that highlights retailers who give back.
  • Shopping catalogs can be fun to make, especially if you plan to run them by people buying presents.
  • I should have made one for my birthday and sent that to everyone I know. That’s not weird, right?
  • Catalogs are one thing that make you love the bookmarklet.

How can retailers benefit from using Flipboard magazines?

  • Flipping items into a magazine makes it really easy for a consumer to click through to the site and purchase.
  • A retailer who puts together a catalog can find a whole new audience, especially because of topics and search.
  • They can create gorgeous lookbooks and holiday specific or gift catalogs.
  • Displaying pictures and text is incredibly effective in retail. Also, these are interactive, unlike most static ads.
  • A retailer could mix product shots with tips articles and a SoundCloud message from the owner.

What are some unique ways retailers can use Flipboard to attract shoppers during the holiday season?

  • A retailer could add spooky music for Halloween specials via SoundCloud.
  • You can create lookbooks and promote them through social channels like Facebook.
  • Coupon codes, interactivity with the community and SoundCloud narration.
  • Information about where and how a product is made.

Besides products, what else should retailers consider including in their Flipboard magazines?

  • Retailers can add articles and recipes, all kinds of relevant and explainer stuff via the Compose tool, now on iPad too.
  • DIYs and recipes are great ideas. And make sure the products used are nearby.
  • Retailers could establish themed topics relevant to buyer personas Flipboard magazines.
  • Share community support and maybe even news.

What are your best tips for retailers on how to maintain Flipboard shopping catalogs and magazines?

  • Check for dead links! As items are sold out or discontinued, links die quickly so check and delete. A lot.
  • Catalogs take maintenance, keeping items and prices up-to-date. Retailers have to keep on top of them through the Web editor.
  • Tips that relate to the products they sell, which will get customers intrigued.They can also post about their work culture.
  • How about instructions to show something isn’t hard to put together? I think that could be big.
  • How about GIF coupons?

Is Flipboard best suited for online retailers or can brick and mortar stores benefit as well? How?

  • Brick and mortar definitely can benefit. A Flipboard catalog is a showcase that makes people want to buy stuff.
  • I think it’s for both. You may want to see it online, read reviews, comments on Flipboard, etc., and buy in-person.
  • Brick and mortar have a location and a community. Online have the worldwide web and endless possibility.
  • Both would benefit from the flexibility.
  • With the compose function, Flipboard puts online catalogs in small business owners’ fingertips.
  • Anyone with decent digital skills and good photography can make a great Flipboard magazine.

As the holiday season approaches, how can Flipboard help enhance your shopping experience?

  • As someone who has actually shopped via Flipboard catalogs (thanks Etsy & Flipboard Club), I say MORE CATALOGS.
  • A broken-link checker, a la WordPress, would be AMAZING.
  • I like curated gift lists. I’m always searching for last minute gifts for my boss or an elderly relative, 5-year old-girl, etc.

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~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club