#FlipboardChat Summary: How Teens Can Benefit from Flipboard Magazines

Jenn de la Vega / November 10, 2015


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Last time, participants chatted about “How Teens Can Benefit from Flipboard Magazines Here’s what they said:

Based on those you know, where do teens spend most of their time online, and why?

  • Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. And that Facebook thing. You may have heard of it.
  • Each gives a focused experienced to accomplish a specific task, like Twitch, WhatsApp, Snapchat, even Flipboard.
  • My students like Snapchat, YikYak and Instagram.
  • Kids are where we aren’t. Just like you and your friends hung out in a different room; kids hang out in places we aren’t.

What are the benefits of introducing teens to Flipboard, particularly Flipboard Magazines?

  • I would think the fact that you can see all your feeds in one place. No need to go to every site. Time-saver.
  • Your teenage years should be about discovering what you like and what you want to be.  Flipboard is perfect for this!
  • The diversify of Flipboard is huge. Social and interests all in one spot.
  • Flipboard Magazines let teens express themselves, connect with others and share their newfound interests.
  • It gives a quick, easy and beautiful way to view the news, and to also interact with it.
  • As with Instagram, which teens already love, there is an image-rich experience with Flipboard.

What is the best way to introduce a teenager to Flipboard Magazines?

  • Make them a magazine! Use their hobbies and interests. Or a gift catalog!
  • Show them a magazine about something that interests them.
  • Have teens sign up for a Flipboard account, and walk them through selecting their interests.  Show them a few cool mags.
  • I show them in class how to create private mags to store research and discussion sources.
  • Remember when you all where teenagers—how often did you like being told what was cool? Find ways to let them discover.

What sources on Flipboard would you recommend teens follow?

What are some cool and creative ways teens can use Flipboard magazines?

  • Teens can make “albums” of their favorite Instagram photos or playlists of their favorite songs using SoundCloud.
  • Video! And GIFs!! Bring on the multimedia to jazz up your magazines.
  • Flipboard isn’t simply a news aggregator, but a tool for constructing their own snippets of the world, on any topic.
  • Teens concerned with social footprint can keep pics and tweets private and flip what they want to show publicly into mags.
  • As a journal of their thoughts on a topic…great for critical thinking skills.

In your view, what is that one thing every teen on Flipboard must explore?

When should teens consider making their Flipboard Magazines private rather than curate publicly?

  • This is a tricky one. Younger kids need to be supervised. Older teens need to be cautioned. When in doubt, stay private.
  • Also, research projects, surprise presents, gifts, etc. Anything you don’t want to shout from a rooftop yet.
  • If you don’t want something to haunt you, don’t put it online. Better yet, don’t do it.
  • Teens—there is a job and hopefully a career in their future. Make private things you wouldn’t want employers to see.

If Flipboard had existed when you were a teenager, how would you have used it?

  • I would have made magazines! I would have loved it! I would have had a ballet mag. Wait, am I my teen self still?
  • I am obsessed with traveling. It would have been my virtual travel life.
  • All things Keanu Reeves would have been flipped. 🙂
  • Would have had my nose stuck in Flipboard like I did in a book! Run a hashtag campaign. Make lots of comments on flips.
  • I want my MTV!  We all loved music-related content back then. Great supplement to MTV news.

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~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club