#FlipboardChat Summary: Making a Standout Holiday Magazine

Jenn de la Vega / November 11, 2015


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Last week, participants chatted about “Making a Standout Holiday Magazine. Here’s what they said:

What is your favorite holiday?

  • Halloween, the fall season is great.
  • I’m going with Christmas, followed closely by Thanksgiving.
  • My favorite holiday is by far Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. No pressure for presents and lots of food, family and Cowboys football!  

What makes a great Flipboard Magazine for the holidays?

  • A great cover, title and a magazine that makes me happy!
  • The cover should scream HOLIDAY! The content should be informative and beautiful.
  • Gifting ideas, sales and coupons!
  • A great holiday Flipboard mag evokes the season the occasion is set in, and brings the magic of the holiday to life.
  • I have to say one thing I love is a catchy title but not wordy.

What kind of content should be included in a Flipboard Magazine for the holidays?

  • Best content for a holiday mag: relevant recipes.
  • Tips, tricks, DIY, tutorials, merchandise that you can click-through to purchase.
  • Fantastic Images! Easter baskets, gingerbread houses, halloween costumes—all need great photos to look their best.
  • Think outside the box to make you magazine stand out. Try a new idea the ties into the season

How do you make a Flipboard Magazine stand out among others curated for the same holiday?

  • Have a really awesome cover and title. And, of course, great content!
  • My magazine will differ by adding cool gifs of sweater parties and witty holiday sayings.
  • MagMakers need to take a new angle, or add some unusual, like a soundtrack from SoundCloud.
  • A unique perspective, a new angle, a limited scope.  

What should you consider when choosing a name and cover for a Flipboard Magazine for the holidays?

  • The title doesn’t need to be the name of the holiday, but it should evoke the holiday. Same thing for the cover pic.
  • The title should be short, sweet, and searchable. What is it about?
  • It would have to be catchy.
  • Covers should be high-res and literally illustrate the title. I’m partial to GIFs.

What are some good ideas for family and friends who want to co-curate a Flipboard holiday magazine?

  • Each co-contributor can take an aspect of the holiday, like one person can flip the recipes and another the decorations.
  • Talk about the scope. Are you doing all holiday food or just pies? Make sure no one double flips or deletes anything.
  • Family holiday travel tips. Also co-curate a potluck, everybody share a recipe that they are bringing to the holiday.
  • Wish lists!  Each family member could make a wish mag and you could collect them all in a metazine. You can shop from a mag!
  • Other holiday ideas for curation would be favorite holiday movies and visuals of lit trees and scenes.

How often should you update a holiday magazine on Flipboard and why?

  • During the holidays, keep all content fresh. So daily.
  • As often as you can. As the holiday gets closer, daily. There is so much content!
  • Created a holiday mag last year? It needs maintenance for the upcoming holiday. Dead links, dated material—remove!

What do you do with a holiday magazine on Flipboard once the season is over?

  • Save it and use it as a reference for the next year.
  • I do a wrapup with memories and things that happened. And once in awhile, I’ll check for dead links.
  • Have wrapup flips, and then lovingly put it away until next year. You can put it at the end of your profile.
  • I make seasonal mags private in the off season.  

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~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club