Flipboard’s Favorite Feeds of 2010

Inside Flipboard / December 31, 2010

We hope you are continuing to enjoy all the holiday festivities.  Can you believe a new year and a new decade is right around the corner?  Before rushing into twenty eleven, let’s take a look in the rear-view mirror at twenty ten.  Sure, Flipboard only existed for the second half of the year, but it was an incredible six months and we want to share some of our Favorite Feeds of 2010.

Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings feed is a great example of content curation in the age of social media. This is why we have “picked” Brain Pickings as Flipboard’s Most Favorite Feed of 2010. Maria was kind enough to take some time during the holidays to answer some questions from us. You can read the interview here.

Media Redefined by Jason Hirschhorn is a great source of news and information about media, entertainment, and technology.  Media Redefined began as a personal email newsletter back when Jason Hirschhorn was an executive in charge of digital strategy at MTV that he as continued to maintain in the years since, including his time as co-president at MySpace and beyond.  It is a brilliantly curated source of information by a veteran industry insider and he’s still just a guy that loves entertainment and technology, so it is very accessible and enjoyable to read.

“Be not bored” is the clever and fitting theme of The Awl. The Awl is entertaining in a way that is reminiscent of the wonderfully strange early days of the internet when you never knew what odd, interesting things you might find.  Yet, it is still a very contemporary new site full of, well, odd interesting things!  It’s intelligent and goofy.  It’s simply a lot of fun and a great source of those cool web articles, you know, the real gems that you share with everyone you know.

Sports fans, SB Nation is a huge community centered around sports.  It’s an excellent source of news and opinions on all sports and a fresh source to add to your more traditional sports news sites.  SB Nation is also one of Flipboard’s first publishing partners, so their content is delivered to you on our special Flipboard Pages layout and looks exceptional.

FFFound is a deeply cool collection of images from around the web.  This is a community curated collection of striking, odd, interesting, funny, and unusual stuff that has a remarkable consistency of style and attitude.  We think you will FFFind it a very satisfying section on your Flipboard.

Well, folks, there you have it: 2010 fading the the taillights.  Looking ahead, it’s going to be an outstanding 2011 for Flipboard and all of our readers.  I can’t wait to see what the next twelve months holds.  Keep on Flipping!

Happy New Year to you all.  Cheers!

~ JonV