151204-Gift-of-Flipboard-personas-Parents With the kids home from school, there’s probably a parent in your life who needs a…gift right about how. How about the Gift of Flipboard? In the parents’ edition of this gift (basically an effortless way to set up your Flipboard with good reads), we’ve carefully curated content likely to edify, inspire and amuse anyone who’s got a tyke of their own. The package contains things like:

See? Parental gold. Give this gift today! It’s totally free and is likely to make your whole family a little more joyful this season. ~MiaQ is curating Hot to Tot GET FLIPBOARD ON: iOS / ANDROID / WINDOWS / WEB FOLLOW US ON: FLIPBOARD / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE+ /TUMBLR /YOUTUBE / SOUNDCLOUD / PINTEREST / MEDIUM