Give the Gift of Flipboard to…Self-Improvers

Jessica Elsey / December 19, 2015


For some people, the holiday season is a time to relax the health and fitness regimen, put it on the backburner until the new year. But for others, being healthy, happy and successful is a nonstop concern. If you’ve got friends who like to keep their minds and bodies in check all year long, then The Gift of Flipboard for Self-Improvers is the perfect coach and accomplice.

It’s one of 21 gifts we’ll be “uncovering” each day in this blog. Each gift is free and highly likely to cause incessant flipping.

Take a look through some of the goodness in the Self-Improvers package:

  • Creative Habit: Does it take 21 days to create a new habit? Try out the suggestions in this magazine to test out the theory.
  • The Science of Sleep: Insight into the science behind what’s happening in your body while you sleep.
  • DIY Health: No matter the stage you’re at in your fitness journey, find workout inspiration, injury advice and nutrition recommendations from psychiatrist Edwin Kim.
  • Maximizing Your Life: Self-Improvement: How to nail every aspect of your life.
  • The Antifragile Self: Don’t know your paleo from your primal, or your StrongFirst from your CrossFit? This Flipboard Magazine has you covered.
  • 10% Happier: ABC News anchor and author Dan Harris curates the articles about meditation that inspire him. Read more about the power of the practice and how it can transform lives.
  • Exercise Your Mind: While awake, your brain creates enough energy to illuminate a light bulb. Don’t let that go to waste with these tips on keeping your mind fit.
  • Health & Happiness: Articles on the radar of one personal development coach.
  • Stress Free: Advice on managing some of the worries in life including relationships, productivity, money and perfectionism.

You’ll also find topics like fitness, self-improvement, healthy eating and mindfulness as well as content from publishers including Greatist.

Give this gift to a self-improver today!

~JessE is reading Fitness Newbie