Group Magazines: Your Virtual Passport to the World

Jessica Jordan / March 22, 2021

Itching for a trip, a new adventure or a novel experience? Everyone I know is asking the same question: Now that the world is slowly reopening (or quickly in some places), what destination do I want to visit and explore after months of staying close to home?

To plan that next trip and to start exploring the world again, we recommend creating a Group Magazine to collect stories about all of the places you want to visit with the people you can’t wait to travel with again. 

Whether you are dreaming about a trip to Tuscany with your S.O., can’t stop thinking about your next gals’ adventure or just want to get to know your city again, Group Magazines are a fun way to start exploring all of the places you want to see and experience. 

Collect ideas for your next trip and create a travel guide for your dream getaway. It’s easy to get started. Here’s how: Visit your profile in-app and go to “Make a New Magazine.” You will be presented with a prompt for adding a title and description. (Create an original and adventurous title and description to set the tone for the people you are inviting to contribute to your Magazine.) 

  1. Select “Create Magazine”
  2. Once your Magazine is created, tap the gear symbol on the cover, select “Edit Contributors,” then “Add contributors” to invite fellow travel enthusiasts via email or text. Invitations are valid for up to two weeks.

Inspire your group by adding stories about interesting places: use the + button on the corner of any item in Flipboard to flip (or add) content into Magazines or use the Flipboard Chrome extension to flip stories into your Group Magazine from anywhere on the Web.

— Jessica Jordan is curating Just Me and My Suitcase