Every week in the Content Guide, we highlight cool magazines and blogs, interesting curators, talented photographers, video channels, and much more. (You can access all of this by tapping on the red ribbon in the top right corner of Flipboard.) This week, we’re particularly proud to be welcoming Marie Claire and Bicycling to Flipboard. Flip on for more highlights…

Marie Claire – Tap to Add Section Women turn to Marie Claire for its mix of fashion news, lifestyle and relationship advice, and celebrity gossip. On Flipboard, product spreads turn into bright galleries that make items feel all-the-more coveted. And if you’re a Project Runway fan, you’ll get a hearty dose of the latest designer duds and drama. (MC’s editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, is a mentor to the TV designers.)
Bicycling – Tap to Add Section Amateur riders meet the pros in the pages of Bicycling Magazine. From race rituals to details on the latest bike models, Bicycling touches on the key things cyclists need to know. Even if you’re not into riding, the photos beautifully bring the outside in.
Channel Frederator – Tap to Add Section Nicknamed “Cartoon Central on the Internet,” Channel Frederator focuses on web animation, the cartoon-loving community, and fan recommendations. Former Nickelodeon/MTV exec and Next New Networks creator Fred Seibert is founder.
Infrastructurist – Tap to Add Section Rail, roads, public transportation, bikes, policy — it all goes under the microscope at this news site dedicated to the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure. Original articles mix into a well-curated stream that will quickly turn readers into experts. Contributors include politicians, academics, industry representatives, advocacy groups, and journalists.
Art Finder – Tap to Add Section Who needs money to collect art? Art Finder encourages people to explore their tastes in art, build online collections of their favorite pieces (there are over 500,000 to choose from), and share those collections via Facebook and Twitter. This feed offers a peek into the works recently collected by the Art Finder community.
The Impossible Cool – Tap to Add Section “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” -Gore Vidal
That quote is one of the few hints The Impossible Cool gives about itself, but it says all you need to know. Sean Sullivan curates timeless, iconic photos full of personality and elegance.
Scanwiches – Tap to Add Section Scanwiches founder and “scanner technician” Jon Chonko slices mega-sandwiches in half and then scans them “for education and delight.” What results is lightly PhotoShop’d, highly Windex’d (imagine scanning an eggplant parmigiana sandwich), and utterly mouth-watering.