My name is Akshay Bhalla and I’m the editor at Euphoric Magazine. My work specializes in covering technology, electronic music and pop culture. I have an exclusive passion for Star Wars, gaming and electronic music, which mostly dominates my interest in all aspects of life.

Geekdom I also have a passion for politics, wildlife and technology. The first few websites I read in the morning are The Guardian, Polygon and Den of Geek. Currently I am the Tech Editor at MensXp and always looking for intriguing content. My favorite topic on Flipboard is geek news, which covers anything related to Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics and the like.  I also have a fondness for graffiti and get most of my information from Flipboard. A unique productivity tip of mine is to curate content that only interests you. If you aren’t being yourself, people will not like your content. The one piece of advice I would give to my younger self is “never say never”—primarily because I am doing things today that I never imagined to do. ~ShonaS is curating Media Message