LIVEmike_mccue Our own Mike McCue sat down to answer questions from the tech community on Product Hunt LIVE, a series of informal Q&As with entrepreneurs, authors, investors, entertainers and makers from all industries within the Product Hunt community. Here are our top takeaways from the chat: Igor Adamenko asked, “How do you see future of Flipboard? What’s the next step?” PH-quote8 Tanmay Desai asked, “What is the biggest challenge you foresee going ahead for Flipboard?” PH-quote1 Jeremy Evans asked, “Do you see a future for the article as a medium in journalism? Or do you think it’ll eventually be replaced by videos, tweets, Snapchats, cards, messenger bots….?” PH-quote6 Aida B. asked, “In your view, what are the qualities of a well-curated Flipboard magazine?” PH-quote7 To read the entire chat with Mike McCue, head to our Product Hunt LIVE page. If you have additional questions or feedback for Mike, you can reach him on Twitter at @MMcCue. Love Product Hunt? Follow their magazine on Flipboard.

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