Flipboard Deepens Editorial Collaborations in the UK

New partnerships with leading publications creates an even richer range of curated UK‑specific content and new advertising opportunities for brands

London, UK, May 10, 2018— Flipboard, a curated platform for people around the world, will increase the depth and breadth of original stories and curated content as it expands its 2018 editorial collaborations with new partners in the UK. These new partnerships with publications, including Hearst UK’s Harper’s Bazaar, Digital Spy and Cosmopolitan, will enable Flipboard to bring its British readers even more diverse content, curated to suit their specific interests.

Curation partnerships will take place around major events in 2018, such as the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Wimbledon, the World Cup and major music festivals. Flipboard’s editorial team will work with top publishers to share quality content from different perspectives, giving people a well-curated experience related to topics they truly care about, all in a deeply personalized environment. By curating dozens of custom packages with premium publishing partners, Flipboard provides its UK readers with diverse perspectives, sharing both a regional and global view on relevant topics that matter to them.

Flipboard and its initial UK publishing partners have found early success, with British curation partnerships piloted around London Fashion Week, The BAFTA’S and The Brit Awards. Through these partnerships, Flipboard is enabling users to access content that interests them from nearly 9,000 European-specific sources, where nearly half are UK-based editions. Publishing partners who have collaborated with Flipboard for these events saw a week-on-week increase in referral traffic ranging from 19 to 400 percent.

By developing ongoing and event-specific curation, Flipboard is also creating a safe environment for brands to market themselves effectively to readers in the UK, serving relevant advertising to people who are actively engaging with the content and are more likely to respond positively.

“Flipboard gives people access to stories that are relevant to their interests. Working with a wide range of top UK publishers, we can offer readers a curated experience that enables them to understand the stories thematically, providing context and perspective that they won’t necessarily get through other platforms,” said Jessica Elsey, UK News Editor, Flipboard. “By creating an environment that’s valuable to readers, it also creates a powerful, theme-based audience that brands can advertise to, and achieve their marketing goals.”

Flipboard is also delivering value back to publishers through increased referral traffic and associated ad sales on their own sites, making their stories more discoverable to relevant audiences through a combination of algorithmic and editorial curation. Previous examples include work with Trusted Reviews, curating the latest content from Mobile World Congress into a round-up magazine; Red Magazine collecting its Day In The Life series in a Flipboard magazine, which follows a range of women through their working day; The Daily Mirror turning its royal podcast into a Flipboard magazine, and HuffPost UK showcasing its new online fitness community at the start of the year.

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