Flipboard Introduces Personal Accounts

Adds More Great Content From Tumblr and 500px
November 17th, 2011  •  Palo Alto, CA

A new edition of Flipboard™, released today, introduces Flipboard Accounts, as well as integration with blogging service Tumblr and photography community 500px, two of the most beautiful content platforms. This latest release brings together even more of the stories, updates, photos and videos that people want to read in Flipboard. Flipboard Accounts let users read their own personal copy of the social magazine on any iPad and, in the future, on iPhones.

Flipboard Accounts

Starting today, users can sign up for a Flipboard Account. Anyone with an account will be able to instantly see his or her favorite sections and social networks in the forthcoming release of Flipboard for iPhone or on any iPad. For friends and family who share an iPad, this is particularly useful and one of the most frequently requested features as they can now each log into their own Flipboard.


With more than 10 billion posts and half a billion page views per day, Tumblr is one of the fastest growing platforms for sharing content and connecting with others, which makes it an essential addition to Flipboard.

Anyone can now create a magazine section out of a favorite Tumblr blog. Additionally, by logging into Tumblr, users can see all of their friends’ posts in one Flipboard section. On top of viewing the content in a paginated, magazine-like experience, it’s easy to re-blog and like posts from within the social magazine. Today, Flipboard features a number of popular Tumblr blogs in the Content Guide, accessible by tapping on the red ribbon at the top of any page in Flipboard.

Photographer Community 500px

500px is powered by professional photographers and photography hobbyists, and it shows in the quality of this up-and-coming photo sharing service. By connecting Flipboard to 500px, users can browse gorgeous images from all over the world. To get started, the Flipboard team selected photo streams from 500px that are currently featured throughout the Content Guide.

The addition of Tumblr and 500px brings the number of social networks that people can view and browse in Flipboard to eight. Other social networks that can be integrated with Flipboard are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Reader, Flickr and Instagram.