Flipboard Launches New Content For Japanese Readers Worldwide

Expanded Japanese Edition of Flipboard with New, Original Content From 30 Partners, Including GQ JAPAN, Ginza, Engadget, Nikkei Business, Asahi
Collaboration with Dentsu, ADK and CCI Enables Deep Relationships
September 12th, 2012  •  Tokyo

Today, Flipboard officially launches new publisher relationships in Japan with the participation of dozens of Japanese publications in Flipboard’s social magazine for iPad, iPhone and Android. Flipboard readers now can enjoy original content from 30 publications they know and love, including GQ JAPAN, Ginza, Engadget, Nikkei Business, Asahi and many others, with more to come over the coming weeks and months. With special integration of the publications’ stories, photos and features, Flipboard works with each publisher to ensure the experience of reading is beautiful and immersive, quickly connecting the reader with the publication’s brand and content.

Dentsu, CCI and ADK, three partners that officially represent Flipboard in Japan, have been instrumental in the development of these new publisher relationships. Working closely with the Flipboard team, their deep and extensive knowledge of the media industry in Japan enabled the Silicon Valley company to bring dozens of Japanese publishers on board since Flipboard launched its Japanese edition on May 15, 2012.

“It is essential for our business to make our content available on Flipboard, reaching an audience of people on their iPads and smartphones,” said Jun Kitada, president of Condé Nast Japan. “We applaud Flipboard’s ongoing success and look forward to seeing the company further develop its content publishing model.”To make discovery easy, all of the publishers in the program are featured in the Content Guide that rolls out when a reader taps on the red ribbon in the top right corner. The content from the publishers is also included in some of the sections curated by Flipboard’s editorial team such as “Tech”, “News” or “Design”.

“We hope to bring new readership to our Japanese publishing partners as we help readers to discover stories they care about,” said Eric Alexander, head of international business development for Flipboard. “In the United States we see that 20 to 25 percent of readers of a story have never read another story from that same publication before.”Publishers have optimized existing RSS feeds or created customized feeds for Flipboard, by adding high quality images and extending the amount of content available; in most cases that means readers have access to full stories. Flipboard readers can easily share stories to Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ or any of their other social networks. A recent analysis of reading on Flipboard shows that Japanese people are the most social. They share, like and comment more than any other Flipboard readers in the world.

The full list of publishers that are making their original content available on Flipboard are: GQ JAPAN, WIRED , GINZA, COLOCAL, dacapo, Engadget Japanese, TechCrunch Japan, autoblog, Aol Celebrity, Nikkei Business,Tech-on!, ITpro, Asahi Shimbun Digital, National Geographic Japanese edition, Diamond Online, MISS, Begin, MEN’S EX, 25ans, MEN’S CLUB, UOMO, MEN’S NON-NO, Tabelog, Facebook navi, MdN Design Interactive, Autocar Japan, Da Vinci Electronic Navi, MilK japon, Sumally, Unbar. Additionally, Web Magazine OPENERS, CLASSY.ONLINE, i-VoCE and Bi Ranger will also be added in the near future.