Letter From Mike McCue: The Beauty of Print, The Power of The Web

Introducing a whole new way to read articles on your Flipboard
December 2nd, 2010

Starting today, eight renowned pub­lishers will begin testing an in­novative new way to bring the time­less beauty of print media to the Web … right here, on your Flipboard. Selected articles from these publishers will now display a “Read Article” button. Tap it and you will see a specially formatted version of their Web page which will load sig­nif­i­cantly faster and look absolutely gorgeous.

Go ahead and add these publishers to your table of contents. Try flip­ping through some of the art­icles they are shar­ing. Check out the elegant typo­graphy, clean layouts and terrific image­ry. Engross yourself in an in-depth story from Washington Post Magazine or share re­cipes from Bon Ap­petit on Twit­ter and Face­book. I think you’ll find the whole experience to be both fast and beautiful.Please keep in mind though that this is still a test so you will likely see for­matting bugs here and there which will get better over time. If you want to visit the original Web page, just tap on the red hyperlink in Flip­board’s com­ment bubble rather than pressing “Read Article”.

We hope you enjoy this experiment. Please feel free to tweet any feedback to@flipboard.
— Mike McCue (@mmccue)