Content Guide, Favorites, LinkedIn, and more
June 30th, 2011

We’re excited for you to try the latest edition of Flipboard, version 1.5 available now in the App Store.

The biggest improvement is in how you navigate: there’s a new way to quickly search, browse, and favorite all the social content you’re interested in. The ever-present red ribbon in the upper right pulls out the new Content Guide where you can search for any person, topic or blog, or just browse the terrific sections we’ve arranged by category. (You no longer need to add a section first to view it.)

Whenever you’re flipping through a section, feel free to save it as a Favorite on your Flipboard by tapping the “add” button in the upper left. You can see up to two pages of favorites as tiles on your Flipboard and you can see the rest in the Content Guide. Just tap the “edit” button to arrange your Favorites however you’d like.

We’ve also added LinkedIn, which lets you choose from more than 30 industry-specific news feeds. Now you can read and comment on all the articles being shared in your professional network.

Finally, we’ve streamlined the way you read articles in Flipboard. With just one tap, you go straight to a full-screen view of, say, a slideshow from National Geographic or a beautifully rendered article from The Economist (which launches today on Flipboard). From there you can keep on flipping to the next article as if you were reading a print magazine.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Flipboard and would love to hear your feedback by Tweeting to @flipboard.

All the best,
Mike McCue