Introducing Flipboard TV

Inside Flipboard By Claus Enevoldsen February 11, 2020

We each choose to consume news—and get caught up on all the things we’re interested in—in different ways, whether it’s through social media, print journalism, and/or audio and video formats. You can already discover all of these things on Flipboard, but coming soon, we’re excited to introduce a new premium offering that brings together collections of videos from some of your favorite publishers and local TV stations. Flipboard TV is a curated video service that will be available inside Flipboard, featuring professionally-produced content across a variety of topical areas, including channels devoted to News, Business, Politics, Entertainment, and Technology. For those interested in entertainment, you can enjoy videos from sources such as Variety, US Weekly, and Rolling Stone. If you’re looking for business videos, we have content from Barron’s, Bloomberg Media, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and more; the Politics channel will deliver videos from The Recount and others; and local news will include KCRA (Sacramento, Calif.), WESH (Orlando, Fla.)…

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