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Get Inspired with 5 Fantastic Travel FlipBloggers

MagMaker By insideflipboard March 23, 2017

Countless talented bloggers use Flipboard to showcase their writing and share their passions with their followers. As we discover their work, we add to the FlipBlogger profile the magazines we feel will inspire the rest of the community. Now we’re excited to share some of these FlipBloggers and their magazines here on the blog to inspire your own writing and magazine creating. Our first FlipBlogger roundup will feature some wonderful travel bloggers that we hope you’ll come to appreciate as much as we do. Check out their profiles and magazines below. 1) Jyotsna Ramani of Jo is a passionate globetrotter, wildlife enthusiast, thrillseeker and writer—all of which becomes clearly apparent when you peruse her Flipboard Magazines. Wild and Untamed Magazine There’s more to the world than beaches and monuments. This magazine will transport you to a wilder world filled with marvelous animals you’re not likely to see in your own backyard. Jo’s Travel Diary This adventurous travel blogger has…

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Carolyn Weyforth Glanville: Baby Animals

Breaking news: baby gorillas really are more adorable than baby marmosets. The cuddliest controversies of our time are definitively resolved in this compendium of cuteness.

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Deema Tamimi: The Amazing Brain

What’s the other 90% of your brain doing when you’re thinking about lunch? Find out in this magazine of incredible findings and bizarre photos from the frontiers of neuroscience.

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Mia Q: Betterment

Just as you always suspected, there are better options out there – get the scoop on better music, workouts, career moves and more in this infinitely better magazine.

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Bettie Utas: Swedish News

The latest Ice Hotel design, Princess Madeline’s tiara aversion, 40 new words approved by the Swedish Language Council, and other essential intel for Stockholm happy hours

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