Gadget Flow Test Drives Flipboard’s Performance Marketing

Business Blog By Christel van der Boom January 5, 2021

We recently started testing performance marketing, giving brands and publishers the chance to connect with Flipboard users. Though the program is new, the successes are already speaking volumes. Gadget Flow is one the companies trying out our performance marketing program: an early adopter in keeping with its company DNA. This New York City-based company helps tech enthusiasts find their new favorite gadget through their website. Though they share product updates from tech giants like Samsung, they pride themselves on helping creators who crowdfund their creations to reach customers. Founded in 2012, Gadget Flow has been an official partner of both Indiegogo and Kickstarter since 2015. In 2020, they began offering services to help independent product creators navigate the crowdfunding process.  Here’s how the growing tech company partnered with Flipboard to help customers find the products they didn’t know they needed. It starts with the audience Gadget Flow has long had a presence on Flipboard, sharing their own blog content in…

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