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5 Major Trends We See the Publishing Industry Embracing in 2020

Business Blog By Andrew Zalk March 9, 2020

Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP, via Getty Images This article originally appeared on FOLIO:. One of my greatest lessons at Flipboard has been that no two publishers are the same. While our business discussions typically revolve around two key areas — growth and monetization — there are so many paths to achieving both. 1. FIGHTING A RELIANCE ON THE DUOPOLY Long gone are the days of typing in your favorite website into a browser to catch up on the latest news or gossip. Today is all about SEO, algorithmic distribution and virality. Publishers are so reliant on just a couple of key external traffic drivers that a simple algorithmic or ad rate change can cause momentous swings to their organic and paid traffic, putting their sustainability in a precarious state. Thus, many publishers are keen to diversify their referral traffic mix and build a portfolio of partnerships with multiple social, SEO, referral and paid distribution platforms. 2. OWNING THEIR…

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