Content Marketing Conversations: 3 Audience Trends’s Clare Carr Thinks You Should Know About

Business Blog By Christel van der Boom October 12, 2017

According to data from, which looks at external referrers to publisher websites, traffic from Flipboard has more than doubled since the start of 2017. We caught up with’s VP of Marketing, Clare Carr, at Content Marketing World last month to demystify the data and further understand the flow of referral traffic. (Every couple of months the team takes a look across its publisher network to identify trends.) Here are three insights from their recent study: 1) 90% of readers of lifestyle content come from Facebook, whereas 60% of the readers of technology content come from Google. What does this mean for publishers and content creators, according to Carr? “We see platforms being unique to the audiences they’re bringing in. That’s why it’s important to understand your audience.” 2) On mobile, Flipboard is among the top 5 sources of readership to publisher stories. Carr’s advice to publishers: “You have to think about how your audience uses different devices,…

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