In Trying to Solve the “Orgasm Gap,” Unbound Finds a New Audience on Flipboard

Business Blog By insideflipboard July 24, 2019

This is a story about sex toys. But it could be a story about any new product finding its customers through Flipboard.  Meet Unbound, a company set on changing how women explore and enjoy their sex lives. Through a quarterly box, online shop, printed magazine and an openness that begins with founder Polly Rodriguez, the organization is part of a growing “femme tech” movement that celebrates female sexuality while attempting to remove the stigma around it.  Rodriguez got the idea to start Unbound after a cancer diagnosis at age 21 resulted in early onset menopause. She found herself shopping for a vibrator at a seedy shop next to a highway in St. Louis, where she’s from. Fast forward 10 years, and Rodriguez and her co-founder Sarah Jayne Kinney are upending the narrative around shopping for sex toys with their team of 10 women in New York City.  “The people that are most qualified to build solutions are usually the ones…

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