How to Make a Smart Magazine About Marketing In Three Easy Steps

Christel van der Boom / February 8, 2017

A brand new Flipboard is out today! At the heart of this edition is the Smart Magazine, a new way to organize the stories around people’s passions. We’re using our most sophisticated machine learning together with editorial and community curation to automatically fill and continually update these Smart Magazines.

Let me show you how it works by creating a Smart Magazine about marketing in 3 easy steps:

  1.  Swipe to the screen that’s furthest on the right and you’ll see the new Passion Picker.
  2.  See us asking “What’s your passion?” Type “marketing” there. (It’s just an example, you can create Smart Magazines for your other passions later.)
  3.  Next, you get to personalize. Are you interested in mobile advertising, content strategy or email marketing? Or all three? By picking the related subtopics that speak to your interests, you’re creating your own personal Smart Magazine.

Our algorithms do the rest of work and within a few seconds you can start flipping through content from across the Flipboard ecosystem and the Web as well as experts on Twitter.

If you tap on the black bar on the bottom of the screen, you can see some of the sources your Smart Magazine is pulling content from. If you’re a long-time reader who follows a lot on Flipboard, you’ll see them reflected in your Smart Magazine.

Additionally, our team has picked marketing and advertising experts on Twitter, including Scott MontyCory TreffilettiLou Paskalis and hundreds of others, so that their stories shared on Twitter may be included in Smart Magazines. Just the stories and tweets about marketing: our engines topically index everything to make sure only marketing-related content ends up in your marketing Smart Magazine.

As you flip through stories and like what you’re reading, you can like them by tapping the heart. These stories also show up under “likes” on your profile page and give signal to the network that it’s a story others may like as well. You can also tap the + to add a story to your own magazine. These stories also show up under “added” in a user’s profile. And if you want to share out to other social networks, just tap on the new “dot menu” that’s on each story.

Give it a try and have fun with your first Smart Magazine—whether that’s about marketing or anything else you’re passionate about. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Flipboard and how you will be using it. Email us at or tweet us at @FlipMarkter.

~ChristelV is curating Awesomesauce