3 Magazines About Public Relations By PR Pros

Christel van der Boom / September 16, 2016

Public Relations on FlipboardAs the media landscape evolved, so did the public relations profession. I’ve been in PR my whole career and have seen the changes from up close. At its core, public relations is still about building trust, credibility and mutual understanding but the ways we PR pros go about that has gradually changed and continues to do so. The Internet democratized media and has given us all a voice, which has created new ways of connecting with audiences. Most companies now have their own media channels, even if it’s just a Twitter account, and are creating content on a regular basis. At the same time, there are many more information sources and that can amplify, or even hurt, your brand’s message. Social media has also given us new ways to listen to customers and allow true two-way communication. We have more channels to manage, more people to influence and  develop new ways to get our messages across. It’s more important and challenging than ever to stay up to speed on the latest trends and developments. I’ve found three passionate fellow practitioners with excellent magazines on Flipboard—all I have to do is flip through the articles they curate to be up on the latest:

  1. The team at PR Daily curates several magazines related to PR and communications. In Public Relations Central you can read stories from the news site on media relations, data-centric PR, and reputation management in the age of social media. PR Daily Flipboard Magazine
  2. Julio Romo is the curator of 21st Century Public Relations. His broad and international agency experience as well as his passion for digital and innovation is reflected in this story choices that he often accompanies with his personal commentary. 21st Century Public Relations Flipboard magazine
  3. Independent PR trainer and consultant Stuart Bruce is the curator of Future of PR, which has a slightly more British emphasis than the previous two. In the magazine he collects articles from sources like The Holmes Report, PR Conversations and The Guardian, as well as his own news site, stuartbruce.biz, about the future of PR in the digital agFuture of PR Flipboard Magazine

~ChristelV is co-curating Flipmix