Flipboard Opens Premium Ad Environment with Standard Video Offering

Danika Azzarelli / April 18, 2017

More than 100 million people come to Flipboard every month to engage with curated content that fuels their passions, and video is the most immersive way for brands to connect with people while they are on their pursuit. That’s why for the first time, Flipboard is opening up its premium mobile advertising environment to standard in-feed video ads, a move that will not only give our brand and agency partners a new global audience for their video content, but also provide our community with a more dynamic experience.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Premium in-feed video ads are the most powerful way to use standard video assets across Flipboard
  • Ads can be targeted by Flipboard’s first-party interest data, by audience, or by media outlet
  • Inventory can be purchased directly or programmatically through our private marketplace
  • Our player accepts both horizontal and vertical assets
  • It is VAST 3.0 and 2.0 compatible

Since the launch of Flipboard 4 in February 2017, video consumption has increased 38% on the platform. In response to this growing trend, we are partnering with with major media companies like CNBC, Hearst, and The Enthusiast Network to launch video collections in some of our biggest categories. People passionate about everything from business and politics, to fashion and travel will discover new video collections in Smart Magazines. (More on that in our Inside Flipboard blog.)

When our CEO, Mike McCue, was sharing his vision for video and the future of Flipboard, he said something that really resonated. “A beautiful, well-curated experience lets people dive deep into their passions. From cooking to product reviews to stand-up comedy, video is a powerful part of the media mix people want when staying informed, getting inspired, or learning something new. There’s a growing demand for premium video inventory from publishers and brands—so launching more video on Flipboard is important for all of our audiences.”

~Danika Azzarelli is reading Robotica on Flipboard