Introducing Vertical Video on Flipboard

Kyle Snarr / August 3, 2016

VerticalVideoSwarovskiThroughout the Flipboard mobile environment, Full Screen Ads have always taken advantage of the app’s stunning edge-to-edge viewability, and now brands’ vertical video assets can get the same treatment. The result is an immersive ad that enhances Flipboard’s overall reading experience, rather than detracts from it.

These powerful new vertical videos on Flipboard are brought to life with high-impact video units we call  Cinema Loop™—Flipboard’s proprietary rich media feature released for landscape videos nearly one year ago. Cinema Loop allows brands to choose the best 3-10 second loop of compelling footage from anywhere within their video content. This enticing, curated loop is preloaded inside Flipboard and gracefully introduces an enticing GIF-like animated loop that leverages the best of both worlds—it’s an autoplay-esque feature with the unmatched benefits of user-initiated video.


Along with the launch of vertical video, here are some quick insights worth sharing about video and Cinema Loop in general on Flipboard:

Embrace Longer Videos

Because Flipboard is optimized around moments of ‘personal primetime,’ which are focused portions of the day free from distraction, users are reading both short- and long-form articles. This principle also translates to video!  So brands shouldn’t be afraid of loading longer format videos into Cinema Loop placements.

Inspiring Longer View Times

There is a correlation between longer view times and Cinema Loops that show clips from the later half of the full video. Users stick around longer in the video in order to catch that moment that initially inspired them to tap to play in the first place.

There’s Value in the Loop Itself

Often times, we’ve seen a brand’s creative assets are so compelling when looped, that the loop itself—rather than the entire video—provides enough inspiration and motivation for a user to tap on the ad’s call to action. This kind of quick recognition and response is perfect for mobile.

We often say, “Great stories move the world forward.” And we know that brands have quality narratives worth sharing too. We make design decisions each everyday aimed at making branded content an additive part of the overall Flipboard experience. Cinema Loop, along with vertical video, does just that. It’s a simple yet striking way for advertisers to tell their stories and drive real brand lift!

~KyleS is curating DEEP SEARCH on Flipboard