Curation 101: Building Your First Flipboard Magazine for School

Janette Speyer / April 29, 2020

Photo credit: Janette Speyer

One of the most powerful ways educators can use Flipboard is by curating magazines. Not only is it easy, but also magazines are flexible and customizable. Best of all, joining Flipboard is free, and you can make hundreds of magazines.

Getting started on Flipboard is as easy as 1–2–3. In this article, I will show you step-by-step how to use Flipboard for your classroom and school projects.

Building your first Flipboard school magazine

Lesson 1: How to make a Flipboard Magazine for your school project

1. Download the app from iOS or Android.

2. Create an account: Make sure you add a picture and a complete bio.
Tips: Tell your story. What do you like? Share your passions.

3. Follow topics: Open the app and select some of your favorite “Topics” to follow. There are over 34,000 to choose from.

4. Build a magazine: Open the app. Navigate to the bottom of your smartphone and select your profile icon. You will see a “grey” box to the left just under your profile description. Select and choose the “For collecting” option.

5. Give your magazine a title: Congratulations! You’ve built your first collection.

Lesson 2: How to add content to a Flipboard Magazine

1. Find an article on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

2. Select the “Share” icon on the bottom of the screen.

3. Navigate to the Flipboard icon and select.

4. Select your magazine and add the article.

5. Add a comment in the comment box and select “post”.

Congratulations, you now have added your first article!

Lesson 3: How to use the Flipboard tools to add content

a) How to add the “” share tool from a device

1. Look for the “Share button” at the bottom of your browser.

2. Navigate until you get the “more” symbol.

3. Make sure you have installed the Flipboard app.

4. Select “Flipboard” from the menu.

5. The Flipboard app will appear on your social shares toolbar.

6. You can now add a web article into Flipboard

b) How to add the “” share button on your desktop

1. Go to

2. Put the “” button on your toolbar.

3. Click on the red button.

4. Add to a magazine of your choice.

5. You can add your blog, Instagram links, and more!

If you are a teacher, try Flipboard out for your students. It’s great for group projects, virtual tours and homeschooling.

If you are a student, have fun and build your dreams. Go on a virtual tour of Asia or perhaps build a school yearbook with all your favorite YouTube or Instagram posts. Just have some fun!

Download Flipboard now on Android or iOS and take it for a spin!

See you on Flipboard,

— Janette Speyer is co-curating Schooling During Coronavirus

Janette is co-founder and partner of Hot Ice Media. She also leads Flipboard For Business and EDU, an online community for marketers, publishers, educators and business owners leveraging the power of Flipboard to educate, and build awareness for their education centers and businesses.