In our inaugural episode of “ Flipboard EDU Podcast,” we will highlight the book written by Sir Ken Robinson, “Creative Schools.” Teachers and students today have been faced with an immediate need to incorporate 21st-century skills into teaching and learning. Teachers have, in the words of Eric Sheninger, “built a plane while learning how to fly it.”  Educators have immersed themselves in online learning and embraced all of its challenges.

Although digital learning has been on the horizon of education for several years, it is now more pertinent than ever that colleagues collaborate, communicate, and create, all while thinking critically about delivering instruction online. Educators also need a safe space to practice 21st-century skills that reflect effective pedagogy and support student achievement. In the book, Robinson points out that citizenship, composure, compassion, and criticism are important in facilitating a “creative school.”

In the first episode, we look at how to incorporate these four attributes into learning during COVID-19. Dr. Michael Milstead and Stacie Boudrie explain why fostering 21st-century skills in instruction, learning, and student achievement are critical for teachers to implement in this era. We will also highlight three magazines curated by Sean Federbusch, Michelle Moorcroft, Peter Mellow, Awesomismmom, and Mark Simpson. Lastly, we share FlipTips suggested by Flipboarders extraordinaire, Terry Porter and Janette Speyer, to enhance magazine curation.

— Stacie Boudrie, Dr. Micheal Milstead, and William Jeffery are curating Flipboard EDU Podcast