How to Create a Destination for SXSWedu News on Flipboard

Educators / March 2, 2017

SXSWedu starts on March 6, so now’s the time to take a moment to prepare for the deluge of information and interaction that’s to come. (Last year, there were 13,840 attendees, 1,020 speakers and 197 exhibit spaces.) The magnitude of a conference like this can be overwhelming, but Flipboard can help you streamline your info flow and stay connected to all of the news, tweets and chatter coming out of the conference.

What we’re talking about is creating a Custom Smart Magazine for SXSWedu—or any event, for that matter. A Custom Smart Magazine allows you to create an automatically updating feed out of specific sources chosen by you; these sources could include Flipboard Magazines, RSS feeds, hashtags and lists on Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud accounts, images from Flickr, and more. The items are sorted by date and time and the whole thing can live in your Home carousel for quick access.

See what we mean:

Now, as for building your SXSWedu Custom Smart Magazine, we think these sources are essential reading:

Did we miss a critical source for the ultimate SXSWedu magazine? Will you be at SXSWedu, sharing your story of how you use Flipboard in the classroom? Let us know using the #FlipEDU on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.
~ EmilyH is reading Professional Development