As school buildings across the country and around the world continue to be closed due to social distancing measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, a new reality has settled in. Educators are adapting to remote teaching, parents are navigating schooling from home, and students are working hard (or not) to keep up with it all.

We see this unfolding in real-time on Flipboard. New magazines like “Schooling during Coronavirus” and “Free Courses and Learning 2020” are popping up on the platform, and on Twitter we noticed an uptick in educators sharing their Flipboard magazines as resources for their peers.

The current environment inspired a group of educators who are using Flipboard in the classroom to organize Zoom meetings to share knowledge with their colleagues. They were hearing from their peers — as well as parents — that they were having a hard time finding resources about digital learning and the use of technology in education. 

This sparked an idea for a new podcast by William Jeffery, assistant high school principal in the Columbia-Brazoria independent school district in southeast Texas. The “Flipboard EDU Podcast,” which launches this Friday, will cover all components of digital learning, focusing on student communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Educators will explore how the use of Flipboard in education can enhance instruction and support 21st century learning.

Flipboard’s Education Hub

To support this blossoming community, we’ve created a hub where you can find all the best Flipboard magazines curated by educators and students. For instance, we’re featuring information about teaching strategies and tech tools, as well as curated articles about subjects like math and history. You can follow the whole collection or pick and choose the collections most relevant to you. Here are some examples:

Coach Jeffery’s: Teaching with Technology“: We love the coach over here at Flipboard! The Texan’s magazine helps teachers make sense out of all the tech tools and apps out there.

Khan Academy“: Every video published to Khan Academy’s YouTube channel appears here (making for easy flipping into your own magazine).

Shakespeare 101“: The Bard! He can’t be beat—and neither can this cool and current magazine curated by professor Linda Bernstein.

Lastly, stay tuned to this blog for educator spotlights that showcase the way they use Flipboard in support of digital learning. We’ll also share step-by-step tutorials for how to use our platform. We’ll be doing this in collaboration with the educator community that’s already on Flipboard, and we would love to hear from you if you are an educator. Email us at if you want to learn more or let us know about your Flipboard Magazine or share your experience with Flipboard in education. 

Be well and stay safe!

— Christel is reading FlipEDU

P.S. If you curate a Flipboard Magazine for educational purposes, you can also share it with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #FlipEDU.