160325---Safer-Flipboard-For-Schools--A While we do everything we can to keep Flipboard safe and SFW, at the end of the day it is a window onto the Web, like so many other platforms, and we all know how unruly that can be. That said, there are several ways that teachers and administrators can create more controlled and safer zones for students on Flipboard. Here’s how: 1. Create one account for the class You’ll need an account to personalize your Flipboard and to curate magazines. The administrator who sets up this account should only follow sources and magazines (s)he trusts. Examples might include The New York Times, National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal. Follow #MagsWeLove to learn about quality magazines endorsed by the Flipboard team, and browse the best Flipboard Magazines made by your peers at FlipEDU. ProTip: If you don’t follow lots of content on Flipboard, we will backfill your Cover Stories feed with partner content. You can always mute any source you don’t want to see on Flipboard. Here’s how on Android and iOS. Once your class’s Flipboard account is set up exactly to your standards, share the username and password with your students to have them access Flipboard this way. 2. Create and share one Flipboard Magazine with the class Another approach is to curate a single Flipboard Magazine and use that as your educational unit. So you’d place articles into one collection, generate a share link for it, and instruct your students to access Flipboard only through this link. 3. Create a private group Flipboard Magazine The benefit of this approach is that no one can see what your class is reading, sharing and discussing unless you explicitly invite them to be contributors. Here’s a quick guide to setting up a private magazine, as well as a GIF that shows the key feature: a magazine-level toggle to set as discoverable (or not). Finally, remember that while we love kids as much as anyone, our lawyers asked us to remind you that Flipboard is only for kids 13 and over as noted in our Terms. We love to hear how you’re using Flipboard in the classroom! Please drop us a note: flipedu@flipboard.com or tag us on Twitter with #FlipEDU. We’d love to feature you and tell your story to our vast educator community. ~MiaQ is co-curating this Coachella magazine GET FLIPBOARD ON: iOS / ANDROID / WINDOWS / WEB FOLLOW US ON: FLIPBOARD / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE+ / SOUNDCLOUD / MEDIUM