3 Ways To Quickly Tune Your Flipboard Experience

Marci McCue / February 24, 2021

The number one request from Flipboard users is more control over their content experience in the Flipboard For You feed. So here are three easy ways to tune Flipboard to meet your needs. 

1. Reduce pop-up ads that get in your way when you’re reading an article by tapping the new Reader Mode icon when you open an item that has intrusive advertising on the page. This gives you a clean, enjoyable reading experience.

2. Select the ”Less like this” option in the three-dot menu on any item. You’ll be able to show less of the topics in the article or the source. This helps tune your feed and ensures you’re seeing more of the things you want and less of ones that don’t interest you in your Flipboard.

3. Use the Explore tab in the navigation bar to discover popular content in news, sports, food and style. Follow what interests you and Flipboard will add stories from those topics or Magazines to your For You feed—giving you more of the stuff you want. You can find (and edit) everything you follow in the Following Tab on your navigation bar (the four squares icon).

We hope these three simple strategies will give you the control you are looking for. If you discover something new here and want to share your excitement (or share ways you personalize your Flipboard), tweet us at @flipboard.

Happy Flipping,

Marci McCue personalized her feed by following Semantic Infiltration and Golden State Warriors