5 Flipboard Topics Every Blogger Should Follow

Jessica Rosenberg / September 16, 2016


With over 34,000 topics to choose from on Flipboard, you’ll never be at a loss for something to read, but we (the #FlipBlogger team) also want to make sure that you enjoy Flipboard as a useful work tool. Topics are always-updating feeds of relevant articles from across Flipboard, and they’re a great way to keep up on the subjects you care about. To get started, here are five key topics that cover some of the more basic aspects of blogging.

1) Writing


Writing Topic on Flipboard

To be a blogger, you need to have a lot of skills, like marketing, social media, and networking, but at the core of it all, you’ll find words. Without words, there can be no blog. And knowing which words to use and which order to use them in, well, therein lies the trick to being a great writer, and, in turn, a great blogger. Therefore, start with the writing topic. You’ll find articles about writers, tips and advice that will help you write better, and articles about the craft and the passion that goes into it. This week you’ll find an article about how a non-foodie came to be a food writer, tips for writing epic blog posts and surprising information about a new word in the Oxford Dictionary.


2) Blogging


Blogging Topic on Flipboard

Looking to stay on top of everything that’s being said, discovered, and analyzed about the blogging world? This is the topic to follow. You’ll find a plethora of articles that will help you stay in touch with new developments in the space or even just say on top of what your peers are working on. From tips and tools to emerging technology and software, you’re sure to find something of interest in the blogging topic. Peep in now for a story about why brand execs shouldn’t blog, signs that you should quit blogging, and a healthy discussion on the value of high page views.


3) Branding



Every blogger, whether they blog about food, fashion, travel or anything else, has a personal brand. Honing that brand takes work. By following the branding topic, you’ll gain access to insights and information that will help you have a better understanding of the mechanics of branding and how you can make them work to your advantage. This week, see suggestions for brand marketers to follow on LinkedIn, how to utilize your blog for personal branding, and advice for getting your brand noticed through YouTube.


4) Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Topic on Flipboard

Except for the bloggers who are truly just keeping an online journal, the rest of us, whether we market just ourselves or have paying clients asking us to promote them, are social media marketers in one sense or another. Cue the social media marketing topic: dive in to receive tips on tools and strategies to make your social media marketing a success, including ways brands leverage social media during events, insights about social media budgets, and a fascinating infographic on the state of social media marketing.


5) Memes


Memes Topic on Flipboard

We all know what memes are: they’re those funny pictures and GIFs that go around and around the internet, giving everyone a reason to smile for a nanosecond. What we often don’t see are the repercussions those memes have or even the stories behind them. Enter the memes topic where you’ll discover all of that and then some. You might find that articles like the one about the LaCroix flavor challenge or how Denzel Washington feels about the “Uncle Denzel” meme inspire posts of your own. But even if they don’t, this topic grants you insights about what makes things go viral and how that virality doesn’t always have a positive outcome.

Is there a Flipboard topic you particularly love following? Let us know by sending us a tweet with the #FlipBlogger hashtag!

~JessicaR curates A Collection of Life Stories