5 Useful Magazines for Professional Bloggers

Jessica Rosenberg / August 18, 2016


Bloggers might come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to the business of blogging, most have learned their craft the same way: on the job. Yes, of course, there are now entire college tracks dedicated to shaping future content providers, but the first generation of online writers learned as they went, gleaning information from other bloggers, from articles they read online and from a lot of trial and error.

Almost anything a blogger needs to know to master the business of blogging can be found with a quick Google search, but that entails knowing what to search for. Sometimes it’s just easier to keep up by following curated collections of relevant articles.

To that end, here are five magazines of regularly updated articles containing professional blogging tips and advice.


1)  The Blog Book, by Colleen Pence

This frequently updated magazine combines blogging resources and information. You’ll find articles covering legislation pertinent to bloggers, advice on tech devices, recommendations for blogging tools, and insights on life as a blogger.

The Blog Book Grab

2) Writer’s Block – Be Gone, by More Content Ideas

Is there anything more stressful than a blinking cursor when your brain is drawing a complete blank, or worse, just looping through the lyrics of that annoying song you heard earlier in the day? This magazine shares articles designed to help get your fingers flying over the keyboard again. When inspiration dries up, let yourself be inspired by these collected words of wisdom.

Writers Block Grab

3) Content Marketing, Brand Journalism, Native Advertising, by Reuben Walker

Bloggers are writers first and content marketers second, though sometimes it’s the reverse. What’s for sure is that both skills go hand in hand, so take a minute to follow this magazine of articles aiming to make you the best content marketer you can be. Take your skills a step further with insights that will help you determine what makes content more shareable, what tools can improve content distribution, and discussions on developing strong content strategies.

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4) Writing and Wordcraft, by Kathi Ruiz

It doesn’t matter how good you are at promotion and strategy if the content you’re disseminating isn’t worth reading. This magazine is a collection of articles entirely focused on the art of stringing words together in a way that makes people want to read them and the art of reading itself. If you love words—and since you’re a blogger we suspect you do—this magazine is definitely worth a follow.

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5) Blog Tips for Bloggers, by FlipBlogger

Last, but not least, there’s the FlipBlogger magazine that we curate just for you. It contains any article that we think will be helpful to bloggers as they navigate their professional blogging journeys. You’ll find tips, advice, relevant news and even some entertaining news to keep you at the top of your chosen field.

If you ever come across articles you think should be included in this magazine, be sure to ping us on Twitter with the hashtag #FlipBlogger so we can add it.

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~ Jessica R is curating On Content and Influencer Marketing