Since 1970, the month of June has been known as Pride Month. Started originally to commemorate the Stonewall Riots and to recognize the positive impact the LGBTQ community has on the world, the month is filled with bright celebrations full of love and support that take place all over the world. Embrace this season of solidarity by arming yourself with knowledge and inspiration. Check out these five magazines packed with information about how to support the LGBTQ community and enjoy Pride events.   “Beyond Pride” by @micnews: The articles written for Mic’s “Beyond Pride” series examine what the future holds for LGBTQ rights and representation. Each story looks at how the recent radical changes concerning LGBTQ rights are shaping the future of politics, business, entertainment, and life in general. “Them.” by @them2018: them. is the first project from Condé-Nast’s new incubator, launched last fall. Articles celebrate inspiring stories, people and voices from the LGBTQ community and include everything from a Pride playlist to insights from key members of the gay movement. “LGBT” by @TheDailyBeast: With its signature ‘smart, speedy’ take on the world, The Daily Beast collects all of its recent LGBTQ coverage in one place. From the representation of pansexuality in movies to Pope Francis’ take on LGBT rights, this mag will challenge how you look at things you might’ve always taken at face value. “Take Pride” by @PopSugar: Dive into the more tangible aspects of the LGBTQ lifestyle here with articles about finding awesome Pride-themed tattoos, how to show off your Pride on Facebook, and which beauty brands are showing off their rainbow this month. “LGBTQ Pride Power-Up” by @danpo: Read about the legal battles fought and won by the LGBTQ community as well as more light-hearted articles stories about Pride events and more. This is a great magazine to read if you are serious about becoming an advocate for gay rights or if you just want to stay informed. Jessica is currently reading “International Safe Zone