Ask an Airbnb Superhost: Secrets to Thriving in the Home-Sharing Economy

Mia Quagliarello / December 22, 2016

Flipboard recently participated in Airbnb Open LA and had the opportunity to talk with people who are as passionate as we are about great experiences: Airbnb Superhosts. To become a Superhost you must have 80% 5 star reviews, 90% or higher response rate, and host 10 or more trips a year. This is no small feat, and the hosts that accomplish this wear their Superhost badge with pride. But standing out as a host can be hard, especially when there are more than two million Airbnb listings worldwide. We interviewed four Superhosts to learn how they ensure their listings and hospitality shine.

1. It’s the little things—and the thoughts—that count
Adriana Morao is a Superhost from Portugal who stresses the importance of personalization. In order to find the perfect welcome gift, she reads a little bit about her guests and why they are coming on vacation. If they are celebrating a birthday, she will go to the local bakery and get a birthday cake, candles, and some balloons. She says she is a firm believer in living in the moment and celebrating the little things in life. Getting to know her guests and creating a custom experience for them is what makes her a Superhost.

2. Know your visitors and reflect their preferences in your listing
Olga Mizrahi believes it is not about being the best choice in a given space, it is about being the only choice. In a freelance economy, she says you must go “above and beyond”—and that means looking at your host feedback and figuring out how to optimize for your visitors. For example, her listing is in the mountains, and her reviews frequently raved about her wood-burning fireplace. She didn’t realize it was a standout part of her home until she read the reviews. So she decided highlight her fireplace and easy load-in/load-out area for ski equipment in her listing. She also suggests creating a survey to learn the pros and cons of your property from a traveler’s perspective.

3. Create the quintessential local experience
Amy Kawadler describes her listing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as a turn-of-the-century casita. It’s in the middle of the historical district and is walking distance to all the cultural happenings, food scene and great hikes. Between the farmers market and art scene, her guests will always find something local that suits their interests. Inside her home, she showcases Sante Fe life through the artwork on her walls.

4. Welcome them as if they were good friends
An education consultant in Houston and Airbnb Superhost, Kharima Richards believes in taking her own awesome Airbnb experiences and bringing them to her guests. Making her guests feel comfortable and creating a welcoming feeling is super important to her because it makes their trips more meaningful and memorable. Her motto is: “Create the experience that you would want to have; treat your guest like friends and family.” Be culturally aware of your guests so they feel comfortable in their home away from home.

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~EmilyH and MiaQ had a ton of fun at Airbnb Open LA