ASPIREist Episode #3: The Suicide Epidemic

Shona Sanzgiri / April 17, 2016


Scenes from a youth community suicide help center on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Buried in a 2014 World Health Organization report was a startling new statistic: suicide had become the leading cause of death for teenage girls worldwide. In places like the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where poverty, unemployment and substance abuse run rampant, the high incidences of youth suicide—10 times the national rate—speak to a bleak future for “America’s most forgotten children.”

As the CEO of Malala Yousafzai’s Malala Fund, philanthropist and social entrepreneur Shiza Shahid has personal experience working with young women in dire situations. This Sunday, April 17 at 8 AM ET, Shahid visits with members of the Pine Ridge Reservation to understand the situation in a place where the average lifespan is the second lowest in the Western Hemisphere—and what we all can do to change that.

Additional segments from the episode include:

  • Just for a Minute: Crisis Text Line — Can texting save lives? See how Crisis Text Line CEO Nancy Lubin is using modern communication to change mental health.
  • Look to the Stars: Moby and the Beasts — Electronic music legend Moby explains why animal agriculture is destroying the earth and how a change in diet could positively change the planet.
  • Just for a Minute: Lucky Iron Fish — the story of a $20 fish that’s solving one of our planet’s most pressing problems, hosted by the founder of Lucky Iron Fish, Gavin Armstrong.
  • ASPIREist Original: Living With Less  — Minimalism isn’t just a design choice, according to storyteller and Thirst Project President Seth Maxwell, who advocates for a simpler, conscious form of consumption in our daily lives.
  • Just for a Minute: Rainforest Connection — To protect the rainforest, environmentalists need to monitor a most impermeable ecosystem. One entrepreneur knows how to get a signal everywhere in the rainforest: using old cell phones.

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