Building a Musical Career on SoundCloud: A Red Couch Interview with Cyra Morgan

Inside Flipboard / May 21, 2012

To close out our week-long celebration of audio on Flipboard, we’ve got an interview on our new SoundCloud channel with Cyra Morgan, an angel-voiced singer-songwriter who’s found her catharsis, along with an audience, on SoundCloud.

Currently over 12,000 people follow her “intimate indie acoustic with a little bit of folk.” At first, Cyra says SoundCloud was a means to get feedback from other musicians, but since then her experience has blossomed into much more. Hear a case study of how one musician is using the platform to springboard a musical career. (And definitely listen to the end, when she sings a warm welcome to Flipboard readers discovering her for the first time.)

This is Cyra on SoundCloud:

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