Capturing Sound: A Red Couch Interview with SoundCloud Audio Expert Evan Tenenbaum

Inside Flipboard / May 18, 2012

As the audio content manager for SoundCloud, Evan Tenenbaum knows sound—not just how to record it, as in knowing the right equipment to use, but also how to make it. “I love the storytelling aspects of sound,” he told us. “Everyone has a good ear. If you like the sound of something, chances are others will, too.”

In this interview, Evan explains how anyone can start documenting sounds and sharing them with the world. He covers the equipment needed (not much!), editing software and online resources to develop skills further.

Check out his SoundCloud channel for user testimonials and other SoundCloud-related news, as well as aural excerpts from his daily life.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue our week-long celebration of sound on Flipboard with an interview with Kinsey Wilson, NPR’s executive vice president and chief content officer.

Until then, happy listening!