Create a Magazine—Together!

Inside Flipboard / June 11, 2013


Starting today, Flipboard curators can invite others to contribute to their magazines. So if there are people who share your passions or have expertise about your topic of interest, invite a bunch of your friends to be co-curators. Once they accept, they’ll be able to easily flip content into the magazine via the + button on Flipboard and the “Flip It” Web bookmarklet. The magazine will be added to their dashboard, as well.

Here’s a quick tutorial with more details:

To get started, make sure your Flipboard is up to date and that you’ve created some magazines.

For inspiration, we’re featuring some collaborative magazines today in By Our Readers; tap on the red ribbon and you’ll find that category in the Content Guide. Please share your favorite magazines with us at

Happy (co-)curating,
~The Flipboard Team