Daily Edition Top 10 (Week of March 5, 2018)

Heather Chin / March 9, 2018

Chairman, CEO and President of Nucor John Ferriola and U.S. Steel CEO Dave Burritt flank U.S. President Donald Trump as he announces that the United States will impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on imported aluminum. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

After a week of talking about tariffs and trade wars, President Donald Trump signed off on steep steel and aluminum taxes for all nations, with the exemption of Canada and Mexico for at least 30 days.

The tariff plan also led to the resignation of Gary Cohn, top economic advisor to the president and director of the National Economic Council.

Trump made more news by accepting an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May for nuclear talks. It would be the first meeting between an American president and a sitting North Korean leader.

The Russia investigation continued, with Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, pleading not guilty to money laundering and tax evasion charges in Virginia. The trial is set for July 10.

The Justice Department filed suit against California for passing three laws designed to reinforce the state’s status as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the state laws unconstitutional.

Porn star Stormy Daniels also sued President Trump to render a “hush” agreement about their alleged affair invalid since he didn’t sign the paperwork.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor Rick Scott signed the bill raising the minimum age to buy rifles to 21 and extending the waiting period to buy long guns. The bill also included provisions for creating programs to train and arm school employees.

Other developments of note included former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli being sentenced to seven years in prison for defrauding investors, technology company Snap Inc. laying off over 120 engineers and highlights from this year’s Oscars.

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1. Trump signs steel and aluminum tariffs that exempt Canada and Mexico and leave door open to other countries – CNBC News, Jeff Cox

Top line: “The tariffs will take effect in 15 days. The moves will slap a 25 percent levy on steel and 10 percent charge on aluminum. White House officials say the tariffs are an essential matter of domestic and economic security. “A strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security,” Trump said. “You don’t have steel, you don’t have a country.”’

Topic to follow: Trump’s Tariffs by Bloomberg

2. Trump hails ‘great progress’ with plan to meet Kim Jong Un – Bloomberg, Toluse Olorunnipa, Kanga Kong

Top line: “White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said earlier the meeting would occur at “a place and time to be determined.” The announcement was first made by South Korean National Security Council chief Chung Eui-yong, who told reporters in Washington that Kim was eager to meet Trump and that the meeting would take place by May. The news sent shockwaves through the U.S. national security community, which has long been skeptical of North Korea’s intentions. Presidential meetings have typically been viewed as a carrot to seal a deal, rather than kick off negotiations.”

Magazine to follow: North Korea Nuclear Threat

3. Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to an 18-count indictment in Russia probe – ABC, Ali Dukakis, Geneva Sands

Top line: “Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort appeared in Alexandria, Virginia federal court on Thursday and entered a plea of not guilty to an 18-count indictment as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The judge set the trial to begin July 10.”

Magazine to follow: Robert Mueller’s Investigation Into Trump-Russia Ties by Vox

President Donald Trump speaks to outgoing White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn during a cabinet meeting at the White House, Thursday, March 8, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

4. Gary Cohn resigns as Trump’s top economic adviser after tariff decision – NBC News, Ali Vitali, Leigh Ann Caldwell, Stephanie Ruhle, Heidi Przybyla, Hallie Jackson

Top line: “The departure — following reports that Cohn, the National Economic Council director, had opposed Trump’s plan for large tariffs on imported steel and aluminum — was the latest in a string of exits by top officials in the administration. Cohn, a wealthy former Goldman Sachs banker, played a key role in the president’s tax cut bill. Trump praised Cohn in a statement Tuesday as a “rare talent” who had done a “superb job in driving our agenda, helping to deliver historic tax cuts and reforms, and unleashing the American economy once again.””

Topic to follow: Gary Cohn

5. Florida’s governor signs compromise school safety bill – Associated Press, Curt Anderson, Brendan Farrington, Gary Fineout

Top line: “The bill is less than what many survivors had sought. It raises the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 to 21, extends a three-day waiting period for handgun purchases to include long guns and bans bump stocks, which allow guns to mimic fully automatic fire. It also creates a so-called guardian program that enables some teachers and other school employees. An NRA lobbyist has called the bill “a display of bullying and coercion” that violates the Second Amendment and punishes law-abiding citizens.”

Magazine to follow: Florida School Shooting

6. Martin Shkreli sentenced to seven years in prison for defrauding investors – Washington Post, Renae Merle

Top line: “Shkreli, best known for raising the price of an AIDS drug by 5,000 percent when he was chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, was convicted last August of defrauding the investors in his hedge funds, MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare. Shkreli lied to obtain investors’ money, then didn’t tell them when he made a bad stock bet that led to massive losses, prosecutors argued. Instead, they said, he raised more money to pay off other investors, or took money and stock from Retrophin, a drug company that he was running.”

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7. Trump administration sues California over immigration laws – The New York Times, Katie Benner, Jennifer Medina

Top line: “The Trump administration escalated what had been a war of words over California’s immigration agenda, filing a lawsuit late Tuesday that amounted to a pre-emptive strike against the liberal state’s so-called sanctuary laws. The Justice Department sued California; Gov. Jerry Brown; and the state’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, over three state laws passed in recent months, saying they made it impossible for federal immigration officials to do their jobs and deport criminals who were born outside the United States. The Justice Department called the laws unconstitutional and asked a judge to block them.”

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Adult-film actress Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, poses for pictures at the end of her striptease show in Gossip Gentleman club in Long Island, New York, U.S., February 23, 2018. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

8. Stormy Daniels sues Trump over alleged affair and ‘hush’ agreement – CNN, Sophie Tatum

Top line: “A new lawsuit filed by the porn star known as Stormy Daniels claims President Donald Trump never signed a hush agreement regarding an alleged sexual encounter between the two and therefore the agreement is void. According to the legal complaint filed in California state court and tweeted out by her lawyer on Tuesday, Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, signed the document on behalf of the President instead.”

Topic to follow: Stormy Daniels

9. Snap confirms layoffs of ‘just over 120’ engineers – The Verge, Jacob Kastrenakes

Top line: “Hunter said the layoffs are meant to streamline and unify Snap’s engineering team. He said the changes will allow the company to “[address] the technical debt that we have accrued over the years so that we can develop a product that engages customers and drives Snap forward.” That sounds like a really opaque way of saying that Snap’s product has never been known for its robust and efficient code, and with Instagram aggressively trying to steal its users, it’s time for Snap to deal with some of the shortcomings the company has long felt it was able to ignore.”

Topic to follow: Snap

10. The Best, Worst and Most Surprising Moments of the 2018 Oscars – TIME, Eliza Berman

Top line: “The 90th Academy Awards Sunday night couldn’t possibly match the exciting finish of last year’s ceremony. But in a night full of predictable wins — from Coco to Allison Janney to Gary Oldman — there were still some moments of suspense and spontaneity. From the highs, like Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph’s banter, to the lows — which involved the use of hot dog cannons — we were reminded why it’s worth tuning in every year. Here are the moments we’ll remember, and the ones we can’t wait to forget, from the 2018 Oscars.”

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