Dive Deep into Your Favorite Topics on Flipboard

Marci McCue / May 5, 2021

In the morning I like to get up to speed on the news, and in the evening I just want to unwind and flip through sports highlights and food inspiration. Because many people have similar habits, we see this pattern on Flipboard too. If there are times of the day when you want to dive into a specific topic, like Travel, without seeing all the other stories of the day, we’ve got you. To help you make the most of your Flipboard time, here are three great shortcuts to find just what you want: 

1.) The Following tab: When you joined Flipboard you likely followed 10 topics (that’s the average) or maybe even more. Those topics now make up your For You feed, which is the first thing you see when you open the app. But, did you know the Following tab (the four squares at the bottom navigation bar) gives you a shortcut to the individual topics? They are represented as tiles that you can tap on. Whenever you want to dive into a favorite topic, go to your Following tab to get direct access without distractions. 

2.) Topic tags: If you find an interesting story in your For You feed and you want to read more on that topic, look for the red Topic tag just above the article headline. You can tap on it to dive deep into a feed of recommended stories on that topic. The red Topic tags are essentially shortcuts to dive deep into an area of interest. 

3.) Search: You can also search for topics. When you want to find stories on a particular topic you don’t yet follow, such as Photography or Climate change, use the Explore tab (the magnifying glass in the navigation bar) and type what you are looking for. Then tap on the topic you are interested in to instantly jump into a dedicated feed. 

While the For You feed  gives you a great way to browse stories from across all the Topics, Magazines and Profiles you follow on Flipboard, these shortcuts let you focus on a single interest at any given time.

Marci McCue is keeping up on #StephenCurry on Flipboard