Does Curating Make Us More Connected? Celebrating Four Years of MagMaking on Flipboard

Marci McCue / March 27, 2017

Four years ago today we added the + to every item on Flipboard, so people could collect what they read into magazines on any topic, we call that MagMaking. Today there are millions of MagMakers having curated more than 30 million Flipboard Magazines. Some of the best MagMakers convey a perspective or a passion through sharing images and articles that inspired them.

It’s possible that sharing stories is a result of our brain’s reflex to think about other people. In Mridu Khullar Relph’s storyWhy Do People Share What They Do?” she had an excellent quote that explains this (and motivated me to get the book):

Matthew Lieberman, a UCLA professor of psychology and of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences and author of the book Social: Why Our Brains are Wired to Connect, noted:

Our study suggests that people are regularly attuned to how the things they’re seeing will be useful and interesting, not just to themselves, but also to other people. We always seem to be on the lookout for who else will find this helpful, amusing or interesting, and our brain data are showing evidence of that. At the first encounter with information, people are already using the brain network involved in thinking about how this can be interesting to other people. We’re wired to want to share information with other people. I think that is a profound statement about the social nature of our minds.”

And if you follow Mr.Lieberman’s thinking, maybe MagMaking on Flipboard is satisfying that part of our brain that springs into action throughout the day, driving us to think about others and our relationship with the world around us.

Because Flipboard pulls together stories for almost any passion, it’s easy to find something you enjoy. But what Mr. Lieberman’s research tells us is that as soon as your brain has finished the task of reading or viewing an item, its nature is to think of others. It’s no wonder millions of people reading on Flipboard also want to share what they find. It’s a powerful part of who we are.

Join us today to celebrate the amazing people on Flipboard who connect stories together to inform and inspire others. And share your favorite Flipboard Magazines on social media using #MagsWeLove.

~Marci McCue, Head of Marketing at Flipboard

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