Flipboard Bolsters News Curation Across Categories

Gabriella Schwarz / February 8, 2017

With the new edition of Flipboard, the Newsdesk—the folks who bring you The Daily Edition all day, every day—are expanding their daily curation activities to focus on a slew of new packages that promote deeper understanding around major themes in the news. It’s the type of content only a seasoned editor can recommend, produced by the world’s best publishers. When coupled with the new ways you can personalize your feeds, Flipboard delivers the best of both human and algorithmic curation.

These new packages shine a bright light on extraordinary journalism in some of the areas about which we and our readers care most. We want to help explain the headlines, provide the backstory, and make sure you’re armed with facts and information heading into your day. Your News, Technology, Politics, Sports and Photography Smart Magazines can now be customized with new sections (listed below) that will show up in your Smart Magazine whenever they’re updated. (Please note that you might still see these kinds of stories in your feed even if you don’t select the sections below. It’s just that if you do select them, you’re likely to see more of these kinds of pieces.)

These categories also contain “Top Stories” featuring seven headlines chosen by our editors throughout the day. (You can turn these off at any time by tapping on Personalize and deselecting Top Stories or other features.)

In News you can now add:

  • Explainers: Stories that make sense of the news, foreign and domestic. Recent choices for this section included explaining how the confirmation process works for Supreme Court nominees, describing the global refugee crisis through charts and breaking down the facts on voter fraud.
  • Behind the Numbers: Providing context to poll numbers and figures related to news events.
  • People in the News: Profiles and information about those making waves.
  • Opinions: Ideas on the left and right from the leading opinion pages across the country.
  • Longreads: In-depth reporting about issues in the news.
  • Late Night Satire: A roundup of news satire on the late-night talk shows, such as The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, among others.

In Technology you can add:

  • The Full Story: A deep dive on the biggest story of the day, like Silicon Valley’s response to Trump’s immigration order, the release of Nintendo’s Switch and the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone.
  • The Next Thing: Stories that explore new innovation.
  • Follow the Money: The funding and investments made in Silicon Valley and beyond.
  • Reviews: What works in the electronics world, what doesn’t and what’s worth the money.
  • Breakthroughs: New developments and changes that alter the course of technology.
  • Strategy: The thinking and maneuvering behind the scenes of innovation.
  • Opinions: Some of tech’s biggest names offer their take on product releases and the role of technology in our lives.
  • Longreads: Go deep on tech stories and issues.

In Politics you can add:

  • Liberal POV: Selecting this topic in your Politics Smart Magazine will add sites with a stated liberal bent. You’ll also see the stories and thoughts shared by liberal and/or Democratic Party influencers.
  • Conservative POV: Selecting this topic in your Politics Smart Magazine will add sites with a stated conservative, Republican or libertarian bent. You’ll also see the stories and thoughts shared by conservative and/or Republican Party influencers.
  • Left, Right & Center: Look for pieces that represent two different sides of an issue, with an interesting quote from each teased out.

In Sports you can add:

In Photography you can add:

We’re also featuring sections from our publishers as a way to highlight their perspective on an an area in which they’re an authority. For example, right now in the Sports Smart Mag, you’ll see a roundup of the day’s best plays from ESPN. The Technology Smart Mag will display reviews from The Verge weekly, and followers of the Adventure Travel Smart Mag will be treated to the best wanderlust inspiration from National Geographic for launch.

We hope you enjoy these thoughtfully curated collections.

~GabyS is tracking Trump’s first 100 days in office