Flipboard Update 1.0.2

Inside Flipboard / September 16, 2010

We are very happy to announce the latest update for Flipboard has been released! Version 1.0.2 adds several new improvements, including an increase in the number of content tiles, a more active Table of Contents, covers now have a URL in the top right just tap the link to be taken to the page, retweet with comment, improved video playback, limited offline viewing, tighter page layout, and improved recommendations. This is still only just the beginning. We have plans to add a lot more functionality to Flipboard soon.

What’s new in this version?

More sections: up to 21 tiles and you can now remove Facebook or Twitter sections
Fresher content: Table of Contents updates every 15 minutes; faster automatic “load more” at the end of a section
Even better layout: tighter layout when articles don’t have text; new inline web site previews
Better recommendations: add sections by category; new tips for adding custom feeds
Other features: Retweet with comment; offline viewing of excerpts and updates; improved video playback; covers now have a URL in the top right, tap the link to be taken to the page; enhanced Facebook feed fidelity

Download Update 1.0.2 from iTunes here.

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