Credit: Craig Garner[/caption] In the mornings, after showering, grooming, and nourishing yourself, what’s the first thing you do? Check email? Go for a jog? Listen to podcasts? These decisions, along with thousands of other possibilities, could have profound implications not just on your productivity, but your life. But you already knew that. It’s why we’re fascinated with the morning routines of “the most successful people.” It’s why we’re told to be a producer, not a consumer, early in the day. Say you could harness the content you consume to help, not harm, your productivity, creativity and sense of wellbeing? You know what’s coming—yup, Flipboard is the way to do all of the above. One of our key features is the power to curate—basically filter—signals from the noise. So, if like us, Flipboard is already part of your morning routine, why not use it to streamline the rest of your day? We’ve gathered some Flipboard Magazines and topics that, when used in conjunction, should help you totally master your morning routine: How to Be Your Best Self (magazine): Allow us to offer you this Zen-like koan: “best” is an ephemeral concept, and what’s important is the pursuit. This magazine made the list because it contains painstakingly practical advice to be implemented daily. Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself. This Mess is a Place (magazine): When I was a kid, my room was always messy. One day my mom peeked her head inside and said, “messy room, messy mind.” From then on I’ve made it my mission to keep everything in its right place. Organization is so underrated: whether it’s writing tasks down in a journal, creating a spreadsheet or cleaning your workspace, decluttering creates a mind map, keeps whatever’s important within arm’s reach, and changes your perception of yourself. James Altucher (topic): Mr. Altucher is a busy guy. While still employed by HBO’s IT department, Altucher started a web design firm and worked for clients like the Wu Tang Clan, American Express and Time Warner. After selling the firm, he took on the stock market as a hedge fund manager. Today Altucher is considered one of America’s most interesting and unorthodox entrepreneurs (and a Flipboard user), with 17 books and a handful of podcasts to his name. If you want to see productivity personified, study his topic. Job Satisfaction (topic): Productivity means nothing if you don’t have concrete goals and can’t derive personal satisfaction from your work. And nothing spikes your good mood quite like a bum gig. This topic takes a look at what job satisfaction means in 2K16, and how to put yourself on the path to professional and personal bliss. Headspace (publisher): How often do you meditate? If the answer is not at all, you should rethink your lack of mindfulness. Science says it changes your brain for the better. You don’t need much besides an app like Headspace, a pair of headphones, and time to yourself. Clear your mind and focus on what’s important: your wellbeing. 10% Happier (magazine): Having a panic attack in private is rough enough. But having one on Good Morning America? That’s what happened to ABC anchor Dan Harris, who barely begun delivering the day’s headlines when stress and negative self-talk visibly overwhelmed him, cutting his segment short. Seeking a cure, he uses meditation (as does fellow news anchor Clayton Morris) to combat anxiety and be present. For all you “fidgety skeptics” out there, see how a little breathing can work wonders. ~ShonaS is curating Media Message