Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer and founder of Facebook Inc., gestures as he speaks during a session at the Techonomy 2016 conference in Half Moon Bay, California, U.S., on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016. This week he unveiled Jarvis, the AI home assistant he has been working on all year. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images[/caption] It’s been a busy week for Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. On Monday he revealed Jarvis, the AI assistant created to assist in his home. The following day Facebook was accused of misleading the E.U. over a $19bn WhatsApp deal. The company also announced they were bringing live audio options to the platform and offering users group video chat on Facebook messenger. Elsewhere in the tech world, Nokia began a lawsuit against Apple over patent infringement, Super Mario Run broke an App Store download record and Waymo unveiled their new self-driving minivan. Read more about these stories, as well as other top stories of the week, from the Flipboard Technology section. Not subscribed to Flipboard’s Technology News? Follow here. 1. At Home With Mark Zuckerberg And Jarvis, The AI Assistant He Built For His Family—Fast Company, Daniel Terdiman Top line: “Still, after nearly a year of widespread curiosity, he has gotten Jarvis to the point where he’s ready to show it to the world. He’ll keep on tinkering with it, he says, because he uses it every day and there will always be small fixes to be made or new functions to add. But he’s pretty happy with what he and his family have at their disposal.” Topic to follow: Mark Zuckerberg 2. European Officials Accuse Facebook of Misleading Them on WhatsApp Deal—The New York Times, Mark Scott and James Kanter Top line: “The accusation, which could lead to a fine of up to 1 percent of Facebook’s yearly revenue, meaning a penalty of about $200 million, comes amid growing tension with Europe’s policy makers over how the company is able to dominate much of the region’s digital world.” Topic to follow: Facebook 3. Facebook is rolling out live audio broadcasts—Recode, Kurt Wagner Top line: “Facebook spent the past year pushing publishers and famous people to use its social network to broadcast live video. Now it has another idea: Live audio, or what sounds suspiciously like traditional radio or podcasting, in your News Feed.” Topic to follow: Social Media 4. Facebook Messenger chimes in with group video chat—USA Today, Jessica Guynn Top line: “Rather than being limited to person-to-person video calls, up to 50 people can listen, join in via voice and send text, stickers, emojis and GIFs, Facebook Messenger said. Group video chat is its most requested feature ever, the popular messaging service said.” Topic to follow: Messaging 5. Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement—Wired UK, Victoria Woollaston Top line: “ Nokia claims Apple has infringed patents concerning display technology, user interface, software, antenna, chipsets and video coding. Nokia said it is also in the process of filing further actions in other jurisdictions.” Topic to follow: Nokia 6. New U.K. Surveillance Powers Are ‘Illegal’, Rules Europe’s Highest Court—MacRumors, Tim Hardwick Top line: “The U.K. bill requires that internet service providers retain a record of all websites visited by citizens for 12 months at a time, but today’s decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg ruled that the collection of data in such a manner puts citizens under ‘constant surveillance’ and enables governments to draw ‘very precise conclusions’ about their private lives.” Topic to follow: Surveillance 7. Super Mario Run was downloaded a record 40 million times in its first four days—The Verge, Andrew Webster Top line: “Super Mario Run was downloaded more than 40 million times in its first four days of availability on iOS, breaking the App Store record for number of downloads during that span.” Topic to follow: Super Mario 8. Orlando nightclub victims’ families sue Twitter, Google, Facebook—Reuters, Brendan O’Brien Top line: “The three families claim Twitter, Google’s YouTube and Facebook ‘provided the terrorist group ISIS with accounts they use to spread extremist propaganda, raise funds and attract new recruits.’” Topic to follow: Google 9. WhatsApp may soon let you edit and delete sent messages—Android Authority, Scott Adam Gordon Top line: “The news arrives via the WABetaInfo Twitter channel, a source of early WhatsApp news and speculation, which claims to have discovered the feature in the WhatsApp beta build for iOS. This would be the first time WhatsApp has introduced such features since it launched in 2010.” Topic to follow: WhatsApp 10. Here’s our first look at Waymo’s new self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans—TechCrunch, Darrell Etherington Top line: “These vehicles were created through a close partnership between Waymo and FCA that actually saw engineering teams from both companies co-located at a Michigan engineering site, and testing of tech through the development process happened both in Chelsea, Michigan, and Yucca, Arizona on the FCA side, and at Waymo’s own test facilities in California.” Topic to follow: Driverless Cars ~JessE is reading Inspirational Tech & Design