Introducing Vote 2020: Your Guide to the U.S. Presidential Race

Harrison Weber / February 7, 2020

It might not feel like it after the eventful 2020 we’ve already had, but the U.S. election year is just. getting. started. 

As the pace hurtles forward, follow our Vote 2020 destination to keep tabs on the race for the White House, from Democratic candidates like Mayor Pete Buttigieg; former Vice President Joe Biden; Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar; and Andrew Yang, to the latest from the Trump Administration. We’ll also look at the key issues surrounding congressional races.

Beyond the latest headlines, the Vote 2020 destination will also feature polling, op-eds and analysis from a variety of news sources, as well as collections of articles curated by both our publishing partners and our Politics Desk.

With the Iowa caucuses behind us, there’s so much yet to come: more primaries and caucuses, presidential town halls, another Democratic debate, Super Tuesday, both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the presidential debates—and boom—before you know it, it’s November! Don’t worry, we’ll get through this thing together.

Follow Vote 2020 and check back for more as November 3rd comes into focus.

— Harrison curated the Trump Impeachment Inquiry