It’s Your Time

Marci McCue / January 29, 2018

Flipboard’s first brand campaign—and why now

Your time is precious, and you need to make the most of it. We get that. In fact, that’s why Flipboard is here—to quickly connect you to the stories that matter most in your world.

It’s an especially tricky problem these days. Our always-on, always-connected mobile phones, our seeming addiction to social networks, is surfacing a number of nagging questions. How do we mitigate the harmful effects of technology? Is this stuff making you smarter? More productive? Happier? Or unhappy?

The public debate around the so-called Time Well Spent movement, and the fight for your attention, doesn’t give you enough credit. Technology is advancing. The real question is: how do you make the most of it?

A teacher in Baltimore once told us that she loved the way her students could use Flipboard to do something smart with their “smart” phones. And we know the value Flipboard brings people is even more powerful today.

We spent the past few months talking to our readers, to learn what words they used. They told us they “felt good” using Flipboard. They felt “smarter,” “in control,” “informed” and “engaged.” They described what they valued: quality sources, diverse stories, a way to invest in themselves, ‘what they want, when they want it,’ and a way to focus their sharing. Flipboard is ‘my time.’

So we set out to more clearly articulate what we stand for and our role in people’s lives today—to find the words that capture what your time on Flipboard is all about.

Introducing: It’s Your Time.

Our new brand-identity work and ad campaign, It’s Your Time, are designed to share our principles and the value Flipboard brings to millions of people around the world—empowering them to not just understand the day, but also to seize the day. The campaign isn’t about productivity or efficiency, but about leaning in and engaging with the world, expanding our thinking, sharing perspectives, and getting all sides of a story. It’s a call to use your time to advance your life—not waste time scrolling through the lives of others.

“It’s Your Time” is our campaign slogan. It’s a reminder that, in this attention economy, you can control how you spend your time and put it to good use. On Flipboard, it’s YOUR time.

The campaign launches this week with “Strike Through,” our first series of advertisements that brings our values to life—emphasizing our assertion that this is your time, while physically striking through cultural pain points that Flipboard is working against, things we don’t stand for: the wasted time, the breakdown of trust in the media, and the lack of appreciation for other perspectives.


What we love about “It’s Your Time,” as a slogan, is that it has many important meanings. It harkens to “our” time, as a generation. The news stories you read on Flipboard are a view into the time we live in and help us connect with what’s happening at this time in history, documenting our “life and time.” The unique curation on Flipboard helps people understand our time and find stories worth your time.

Finally, “It’s Your Time” is a call to action—an aspirational statement that expresses our hope that Flipboard helps people engage with the world and find inspiration to try something new, get involved, and lead future generations. There is so much to do. Now is the time.

~Marci is reading Brand Impact + Identity