Love Photography? Learn From the Best on Flipboard

Mia Quagliarello / October 11, 2021

If you’re into photography, you’re likely always on the hunt for information about how to perfect that shot, what gear the pros are using, and where to find inspiration for your own style. We know because we’re photo buffs ourselves — just ask our CEO Mike McCue about Leica and his favorite photographer on YouTube. So it’s really exciting to introduce our revamped photography topic to be a better resource and community for enthusiasts looking to hone their craft. 

We’re also delighted to welcome our first-ever Photographer in Residence, Ryan Mense, who helped us prepare for today’s launch. A wildlife photographer and writer based in Wisconsin, Ryan brings a wealth of experience not only about the art of photography but also about the natural world. He’s sharing his expertise on his Flipboard profile and putting his stamp in the Photo of the Day Magazine and throughout the #Photography topic. 

When you visit the new expanded #Photography topic, you’ll discover seven sections that bring you the best photography articles, expert voices, videos, products, events and community collections:

  • All Stories: A 24/7 feed of the latest industry news and stories from our publishing partners, blogs and photographers.
  • The Shot: Weekly spotlights on a single photographer who curates stories that inspire their work, help with technique, illuminate an issue, or give the scoop on a project they’re working on. Examples include Stella Kalaw’s “Analog Photography Is Here to Stay” and Dirk Petzold’s “Minimalist Architectural Photography.” 
  • Videos: The most recent uploads from over 70 hand-picked YouTube creators who specialize in photography and filmmaking. It’s people like Tyler Stalman, Matti Haapoja, Lizzie Peirce, Kai W and Jared Polin.
  • Gear: Specially curated packages about the latest hard- and software for photographers, amateur and pro. Experts share their systems of choice and what’s in their bags. 
  • Events: Online classes, conferences, workshops, and photowalks around the world, including Storyboards from photowalk specialist Jefferson Graham.  
  • Photo of the Day: A daily dose of inspiration curated by our Photographer in Residence. 
  • Community: A place where you can find and follow other photography enthusiasts on Flipboard. Email us (address at the end of this post) if you’d like to be included here. 

To join this community, search for Photography and then follow the topic. When you do, you’ll not only get great photography content in your For You feed, but you’ll also receive our new photography newsletter, “The Shot,” on Wednesdays. If you are not a Flipboard user (yet), you can sign up for our newsletter on the #Photography topic page

If you are a photographer and would like to be featured by our team, please email your Flipboard profile URL to and we’ll get back to you soon. 

See you on Flipboard, shutterbugs!

Mia Quagliarello is curating the curators for the new “The Shot” newsletter