MAKE the Most of Technology

Inside Flipboard / May 20, 2011

Stained glass polar zonohedrons, Prototino ATMega328 kits, and BrushBots? Yep, must mean MAKE magazine is on Flipboard, and just in time for the Maker Faire, the world’s largest do-it-yourself festival, which is rolling into the Bay Area this weekend. In fact, any of these DIY titles just might turn you into a master maker, hacker, or crafter.

MAKE – Tap to Add Section
From creating X-Wing fighter planes out of office supplies to learning how a bionic hand helps an amputee, MAKE magazine fights for your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will. Devotees come together several times a year at Maker Faires across the U.S. Imagine a science fair on steroids — and then some!

Craft – Tap to Add Section
MAKE’s sister magazine, Craft, trades in the soldering irons and computer chips for softer materials that hold just as much creative potential. If you delight in the idea of turning traditional arts and crafts on its head, Craft’s renegade spirit could be your muse.

Instructables – Tap to Add Section
Instructables emerged from the MIT Media Lab, where the future founders of Squid Labs wanted a way to share their projects and help others. Now, the Instructables platform hosts a vibrant community of people who are passionate about learning from and collaborating with each other.

Hack a Day – Tap to Add Section
Hack a Day serves up fresh hacks every day from around the web, as well as hacking-related news. This is the place to read about “Ollie the socially awkward autonomous blimp.”

ReadyMade – Tap to Add Section
Makers who value style as much as substance know to go to ReadyMade magazine. Let your inner innovator find the inspiration needed to create cool clothes, furniture, decor, jewelry and even food (black and blue mojito, anyone?).

Now go pick up that hammer, needle or paint brush, prop up your iPad, and get to making something awesome. And remember: these are just suggestions. You can add anything you like to Flipboard and truly make it your own.

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