More Questions About Ukraine, Answered

Carl Sullivan / April 19, 2022

As we pass 50 days since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, new questions about the war emerge. So the Flipboard News Desk continues to curate new explainers on the war with insightful articles, analyses and videos from trusted publishers and journalists around the globe.

Dive deep into different aspects of the war, learn more about the situation and share our curated collections with others who want to understand the impact of the invasion. These six Storyboards could also be useful guides for high school and college educators to use in the classroom.

For even more explainers, this Magazine includes Storyboards curated by our publisher partners and our own team. We’re continually adding more as the situation in Ukraine evolves.

For the latest news, we update our Ukraine Magazine with new stories 24/7. If you’d like to receive alerts to breaking news about the war, be sure to turn your notifications on in the app settings. And if you’re inspired to help the people of Ukraine, we also curated How Americans Can Help and Support Ukraine.

—Carl Sullivan, North America managing editor, is co-curating the Ukraine Magazine.